Why I bribe my kids

I, like most moms, strive to raise well behaved, balanced, and healthy children.

Dog washing and other chores are rewarded
As part of this, I like to read different parenting and early childhood development articles.

Recently, I came across this in Psychology Today, “Why“Bribing” Your Child With Treats Doesn’t Work,” by Suzanne Gelb Ph.D., JD.

I have to admit, I read this article with a bit of a smirk on my face. The author’s claim is that we should not reward our children for behaviors that are basically expected of them. No cupcake for your child as a reward for doing his or her chores.

She states:
“Think of it this way: you don’t receive a bonus or a raise just for showing up to work on time, right? So, don’t instill that kind of expectation in your child.”

It’s true that I don’t get a bonus for simply doing my job, but I do get a paycheck…which is sort of like a reward, right?
Who wouldn’t pay
to NOT do the dishes
Here is the way I see things, whether it is right or wrong is really up to you to decide, after all they are YOUR children and it is YOUR household to run.

When my children do their chores, they are completing their “work.” When they complete their work, they get paid their allowance. If they don’t complete their work, they don’t get paid. If they run out of money because they didn’t budget properly, they can come to me or my husband and ask if they can work some over-time, i.e. do some extra chores around the house.

My official credentials are basically that I have a few kids, drive a minivan, and volunteer as an assistance soccer coach. That being said, I believe that my reward/bribery of my children actually goes a long way toward teaching them a thing or two about life after Mom & Dad Co.

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